Questions fréquemment posées


Réponses ouvertes et honnêtes

Nous nous engageons à être les plus ouverts possible à propos de nos gâteries, notamment en répondant à toutes vos questions brûlantes! Nous avons rassemblé quelques-unes des questions les plus fréquemment posées et leurs réponses. Si vous ne trouvez pas votre question ici, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous et nous vous trouverons une réponse dès que possible!

Questions générales

Where do you get your ingredients?
Since you are all natural, what do you use to preserve your treats and what is the shelf life for your products?
What happens if my pet accidentally eats more than the recommended amount of treats?
How can I get promotion codes or coupons for your products?
How many calories does each treat have?
Where are your treats produced?
Have any of your products ever been recalled?
Do your treats contain any sugar or corn syrup?
Can all of your treats be given to puppies?
My puppy ate a treat and now he is throwing up or has diarrhea. What’s wrong?
My pet won’t eat your treat. Why doesn’t she like it?
I want to make my bag of dental chew treats last longer. Is it okay if I cut them in half?
Can I order direct from your company?
Where do I return the product if I am not satisfied?
Why don’t you make “insert-type-of-treat-here” type of treats?
What does SQF stand for?
What is SQF?
What does it regulate?
How does SQF keep my pet safe?
Do you have a corporate website?