Training Ferrets 101!


Training ferrets can be a very interesting experience! Like cats, they don’t tend to pay attention to what humans want… Unless they have treats in their hands!


Treats need to be their favorite! And cut up into ferret-sized bites. Ferretvite or similar pastes can also be an effective reward. A quick lick and they’re back to training! The ferrets need to be hungry in order to pay attention to the treats. Its best to make sure that they are hungry before a training session starts, so dedicated meal times may be in order if you are serious about training.


Toys aren’t as effective as training rewards for ferrets. Like cats, they tend to go into hunting mode when they are playing! That leaves them with less of an attention span for training when you get the toy back.


Clickers work marvelously for ferrets. It really helps the ferret understand that something specific they are doing is good and gets them good things when they do it! With ferrets having such a short attention span its good to get everything in in short sessions with clickers marking everything good they do!

Have you taught your ferrets any cool tricks?


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January 28th, 2015 by Kathleen Kintz | Posted in: Furets

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