3 Important Skills For Dogs


There are a lot of important skills for dogs living in our world. Many dogs don’t have them all, and most pet parents don’t have the patience to teach them all of them! But there are some essentials that every dog needs, for their safety and the safety of others.

The first most important skill is recall. This skill is for the safety of your dog, and potentially other dogs and people as well. This skill is when you call your dog, they unerringly come to you even with many distractions. Lots of dogs have a lot of trouble with this, but being able to call your dog away from a busy street or an innocent squirrel makes the effort it takes all the more worth it.

Leave It
Leave it is a very valuable skill that could save your dog’s life! You may have heard of bad people putting bad things in tasty treats and leaving them around neighborhoods with the intention to hurt pets and other animals. If your dog knows the leave it command, you know that they will successfully ignore a tasty treat like that once give them the command. This can also help if your dog scoops up a squirrel or even a baby bunny. It can also help if they are very interested in saying hello to other dogs or humans.

Sit & Stay
Sit and stay is an important skill as well. Often dogs will rush the front door the second the doorbell rings, making it difficult for guests to come into the home un-licked! This might be fine for adults, but children can be hurt if a large dog knocks them down. If your dog can sit and stay on command, it can save children or other dogs from being rushed by your pup. This skill can also come in handy if they haven’t quite gotten “leave it” down yet.

These three skills are the basics of doggy manners. Obviously your pup needs more skills than these three, but these are the most essential! What doggy manners do you consider essential?


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April 29th, 2016 by Kathleen Kintz | Posted in: Dogs | Tags: , ,

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