Understanding Functional Treats – Pet Products News, July 2014

Understanding functional treats is easy!

Understanding Functional Treats

Every pet owner knows the pain of trying to convince a stubborn pet to take supplements. Trying to get them to chew a glucosamine tablet. Trying to get a cat to eat anything they don’t want to, period. But what if there was a way to get pets to like taking their supplements?

Functional treats are a perfect solution and are becoming more popular in the marketplace. Yet, most consumers haven’t fully grasped exactly what the term “functional treat” means. They believe that treats are treats, and supplements are supplements. Many think that most treats are delicious but hold very little nutritional value, and that supplements are hard to get pets to take but good for them in the long run.

“Functional treats merge together ingredients that help support a pet’s health.”

Functional treats merge the ingredients found in non-functional treats with ingredients that can help support pets’ health. As a result pets get a delicious treat plus the daily support of supplemental ingredients all-in-one.

Functional treats are available in many different formulations that support specific health needs. Take NPIC’s Get Naked Line of functional treats for cats and dogs. This unique line features a range of functional formulations from joint health to urinary health, and many more.

Pets are more than just pets to many consumers and they deserve more than just a basic treat. Functional treats provide a delicious snack for pets, while their parents get the satisfaction of knowing their pet is getting the support they need.

By Kathleen Kintz
Published in Pet Products News, July 2014


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