Our History

Natural Ingredients and Functionality
Our History-NPIC Building

Natural and Healthy

NPIC was founded in 1996 as a company seeking to develop a natural, biodegradable alternative to plastics utilizing vegetable proteins. We soon discovered these same vegetable proteins had a wonderful and natural application for dog bones too, eliminating the necessity for indigestible materials. In 1998, we introduced N-Bone®, one of the first completely edible, highly digestible dog bones made with wholesome and functional ingredients.

A Comprehensive Lineup

The inertia of this revolutionary product led us to continue to develop a comprehensive line of natural treats that expanded to include offerings for cats and ferrets as well as dogs. Our treats address a number of pet wellness concerns, such as: digestive health, urinary tract health, joint mobility, and puppy teething relief. Today, we are still deeply committed to creating irresistibly delicious pet treats with a prime focus on natural ingredients and functionality.